We Had Tons Of Fun Growing Up With Our Children’s Bicycles

My brother and I had a very active childhood and we have been staying very active to this day. I am best friends with my brother and we always had a pretty good brother-sister bond. We love hanging out together to this day and carving some time out of our busy schedules to have some time to spend catching up.

My brother and I have some fun adult bikes that we like to ride now that we are all grown up. We still like to reminisce about the times when we used to ride our bikes with our friends all day when we were little. We didn’t have any cares or worries besides where we were going to play and when our friends were available to hang out with us.

We have some great children’s bicycles that we used and they were with us throughout pretty much our whole childhood. The bikes that we got in elementary school were bikes that we ended up riding all through our young childhood. I want to have my own kids one day and I am surely going to get them some great bikes to ride. There are a lot of awesome bikes out there that one can ride.