Types of Teen Bikes to Consider

As a parent, you get to make a lot of decisions about what is best for your children. From the moment they were born, you were helping to decide what they should eat, what they should wear and where they should go. You had a say in what kinds of toys they would play with and the books they would read. But as they get older, they start having more and more opinions about all those things and they are not shy about sharing those opinions with you. As your kids and teens get older, it’s important that they have a say in the things that affect them, whether that’s what extra curriculars they play or participate in, what books they read and what they do in their free time. When it comes to independence and fitness, a teen or middle schooler can help you to determine what kind of bike is going to best suit them. If you are looking at teen bikes to narrow down your options, we have some general guidelines to help you get started.

The first step in making a great decision is considering the main categories of bike to decide on the features that your son or daughter is going to need in their riding life. There are many different kinds of bikes, but you can generally fit them all into about four categories, including road bikes, mountain bikes, BMX bikes and hybrid bikes. A student who has no interest in going off road will be well-suited for a road bike; these are lightweight, streamlined and great for getting places fast as long as your teen stays on the road or sidewalk. When you know that your teen is more likely to want to take their bike onto trails, over dirt or across grass, a mountain bike is going to offer the wheel width and the tire grip that’s needed to do it safely. BMX bikes are for racing and tricks, so if your teen needs their bike for commuting it’s not a great choice. A hybrid bike is one that combines the helpful elements of both road bikes and mountain bikes to give you a well-rounded option that many teens will love.

When you are deciding on the perfect bike, don’t forget to take size and weight into consideration, since these are a vital part of overall comfort and control on a bike. Teens should be able to easily control their bike to avoid crashes and accidents.