Types of Kids Bikes for Your Little One

If you are an avid biker, you have likely already discovered the many ways that you can take your young child on your adventures with you. Whether you are currently using a child bike seat on the back of your bike or a bicycle trailer that you tow behind your bike, you might be considering the next step in your child’s bicycle riding journey. If they are getting too big for their trailer or seat and it’s time to upgrade, you have several choices ahead of you. A trailer cycle might be the perfect way to make sure that your child can keep up with you wherever you go; this attachment gives them the chance to practice their peddling and balancing while still being securely held up by you and your bicycle. When they get antsy to start biking on their own and making their own choices, you can search through the wide range of kids bikes to find the next step for their development.

What kinds of choices does you child have? Depending on their motor skills, their size and their confidence, they have plenty of options that might suit them. The first option is a balance bike. These bikes are handy because they don’t require any pedaling but they give your child the chance to practice their balance, building confidence, while also helping them to develop the muscles they’ll need for pedaling. When they’re ready to balance and pedal at the same time, a small wheeled bike gives them the freedom of movement they crave while also letting them still touch the ground with their feet, something that’s essential for someone who’s still learning the ins and outs of pedaling, turning and braking. When they get big enough to outgrow that model, they might be ready to decide if they want a road bike or a mountain bike for their next big-kid model. You’ll want to consider the kind of biking they do most often, with you or by themselves, to determine the best option for your child.

The most important thing to remember is that, whatever type of bike you choose, it fits your child. A bike should always be the right size for them to be able to ride safely, so take the time to measure your child and anticipate needing to upgrade their bike as they grow. A bike that is too big or too large will be uncomfortable to ride, so invest wisely!