Types of Bikes

Men’s bikes are divided into several categories (with many having different sub-categories). It can be very confusing for the first-time-buyer to get something that they will like. We’ll discuss the most prominent men’s bikes to help you figure out which ones you should buy. One of the most popular choices on the market is mountain bikes. Aptly named, these bikes are designed for rugged terrains and off-road use, but you can drive them on regular pavements too. This is possible thanks to their wide knobby tires measuring anywhere from 26″ to 29″, allowing them to be ridden over obstacles and loose dirt. These bikes have rugged frames, durable components, and flat handlebars. Mountain bikes often have suspension to help cyclists maneuver bumpy mountainous trails.

Next up are road bikes. They are easily identified thanks to their skinny ties (a sharp contrast to knobby tires on Mountain bikes) and feature drop handlebars instead of flat handlebars. Road bikes are designed to help riders reach breakneck speeds on the road while maneuvering sharp twists and turns with extreme accuracy. Road bikes are geared towards performance-oriented bikers who want to glide on the road with minimal effort. They usually have thin, large tires that can be controlled using a multi-position handlebar. They have a versatile grip that can be configured for both aggressive handling to more gentle rides. Road bikes are often fitted with slimmer tires that range from 0.8″ to 1.0″ in width.

Another popular option is hybrid bikes. If you want to combine the versatility of mountain bikes with the speed and efficiency of road bikes, go for hybrids. Some hybrids are closer to road bikes than mountain bikes. Depending on which side hybrids lean towards (mountain vs. road bikes), will influence how well they handle on the tarmac or bumpy off-road terrains.

In general, hybrid bikes have narrower tires than those on a mountain bike but wider road bikes. Their handlebars are flat and assume a relaxed position that allows the rider to sit with a straight back. Finally, we have triathlon bikes designed for time trial events. These specialized road bikes have aero bars for greater aerodynamic flexibility. They strike the ideal balance between speed and comfort, with the latter being more important since the rider will be biking for extended periods. Most of the men’s bikes for triathlons are designed to reduce the likelihood of cycling related injuries and minimize fatigue. If you want to learn which bike is best for you, make sure to visit our website at davisbicycles.com.