Types of Bikes

When selecting a bike to ride, you have to ask yourself a number of questions. Who are you riding with, what are they riding, what experiences have you had in the past and have they been satisfactory? If you are buying a bike to ride it with your friends, you may want to buy something similar to theirs. There are many different kinds of bikes for different users. For example, there are women’s beach cruiser bikes specifically made for women in accordance with their height and frame to make it easier for them to ride their bikes for luxury on the beach.

Road bicycles are designed to be fast because their tires are made to work well on pavement. They have skinny tires and ‘drop’ handlebars and are also suited for on-road racing. Most times, they are lighter than other kinds of bikes and can be ridden on paved trails, though many people find them uncomfortable for unpaved trails. They are mostly only suited for quick travel, so they can’t handle heavy loads and are not very suitable for long-distance commuting. Cruiser bikes are designed for casual riding and have comfortable, upright riding positions with large seats. Cruisers usually have balloon tires and handlebars that are very upright, to make the ride more comfortable. They are generally meant for very short-distance travel on a flatter route and come in many colors to suit the rider’s aesthetic.

There are also mountain bikes that are specifically designed for off-road trails and have flatter, upright handlebars with a low gear range to make the upward pedal easier. They also have shock absorbers or ‘suspension’ to protect you from the bumps in mountain roads. They are often used for touring or commuting as well, but cannot match the speed of road bikes. Hybrid bikes are a mix of mountain and road bikes, with some of the advantages of both. They have larger, paddled seats and provide a comfortable ride, and can be used to ride casually around the neighborhood or even running errands around town. They are capable of being ridden on both paved and unpaved trails but are not as lightweight as road bikes. The tires are medium-width to provide some cushion while also not taking away from the speed too much.