The big difference between men’s and women’s bicycle

Before now, when you talk about women’s bicycle, you refer to smaller bicycles that were really simple. At that time, when compared to men’s bicycles, those bicycles had lower specs. Though many considered them pretty, there was a huge gap between women’s and men’s bicycles. Fortunately, things have changed since then, and there has been an advancement.

The big question is, is there any difference between women’s and men’s bicycle? If yes, what is/are they? Interestingly, there is a difference between men’s and women’s bicycle, for a good reason too. Since men and women have different physiques, for a bicycle to offer comfort, it must accommodate the rider’s physique. Thus, the major difference is fit. Bike makers take physiques into consideration when deciding on frame geometry.

Therefore, since an average woman is shorter than a man, bicycles for women generally have shorter stack heights. The same applies to reach length. Women have shorter torso lengths, so their bicycles have shorter reach lengths. In other words, apart from the difference in the frame, d men’s bicycles are the same. Apart from aesthetic nuances, a quality women’s bicycle is comparable to a men’s bicycle in performance. They also come with the same components.