Teen Bikes Were An Important Part Of Our Childhood

I enjoyed being active growing up with my brother, and there wasn’t an adventure that we didn’t want to take on. We had some great bikes and they were with us for a really long time. In fact, we only had two bikes throughout our whole childhood. We had some kids’ bikes when we were really little, then we had some teen bikes that we used.

The bikes that we had really served us for a long time and they were the ideal way for us to get around and be active and have some fun. The bikes were a big part of our childhood and we loved to use them every day. We would even build some dirt ramps in the nearby lot next to our house and go off of the ramps on our bikes.

There was a lot of construction in our neighborhood and the dirt piles were ideal for building ramps. Looking back, I don’t know how we even got away with using the dirt piles for our riding, but it was a ton of fun and really memorable. We also liked to ride in a nearby wooded area that was hilly. The teen bikes that we used were awesome for all of those fun times.