Teen Bikes Made It So We Didn’t Need A Car

Bike-riding is always a great way to get some exercise in and to enjoy the nice scenery around you. Whether you live on the coast or in the middle of the country, there are always some scenic views and fun places to bike to. Growing up, we didn’t have the mountains or the water around us, but bike-riding was still great to my favorite places.

My brother and I would ride our bikes to the pool or we would ride them to our favorite disc golf course. We could take our things with us in a backpack or get some bike storage to carry our sports items with us. It was always fun to ride our bikes somewhere as opposed to taking a car or taking the bus. We could get across town easily on a bike.

The awesome thing about riding our teen bikes was that the town wasn’t that big, so we could go pretty much anywhere we wanted to. We could bike to the movie theater and see a movie or bike to a restaurant. When we were too young to drive, we still had the freedom to go to lots of places by taking our bikes.