So Many Childhood Memories On Kids’ Bikes

I had quite an adventurous childhood and I enjoyed every minute of it. I lived all over the world and it was cool to get to see so many places from the time that I was a little girl. I was born in Russia and then we moved to Taiwan and then to Canada, before moving to the US. I grew up in Canada and in the US as well, and have so many great memories riding bikes with my brother.

My brother and I were always very active and we would ride bikes in Canada all the time with our grandparents. Since our parents were always really busy at their fulltime jobs, we spent most of our days with our grandparents. There was a really pretty beach area next to our apartment with winding trails leading all around the beach.

Our kids’ bikes were the main way to get around when we were little and we went far and wide on them. We would stop by this marshy area on the beach and play on the rocks for hours, then keep riding our bikes along the beach trail. We would sometimes get ice cream as a special treat at the end of the bike ride. There was a cool ice cream stand near the beach. I have so many memories from riding bikes in that beach area that I love to look back on.