Reasons why Men should Invest in a Bike

Heart disease is the primary cause of death among men in the United States, with almost 25% of all death attributed to cardiovascular issues. In light of such alarming numbers, cycling comes as a highly recommended activity for men to maintain blood pressure and lower the risk of heart attacks. A research conducted in Denmark revealed a whopping drop of 40% in mortality rate in people who cycle. To boost overall health and fitness, men should include cycling in their daily routines. A great way to de-stress is to invest in a good men’s bike and use it to commute to work every morning. So, not only are you saving conveyance expenses, you are reducing your carbon footprint and getting some exercise in too.

Men’s bikes traditionally require more exertion and use of muscles, making the heart beat faster and improve its health to a great extent. Cycling among men is known to reduce hypertension and risk of coronary heart disease. Amidst busy schedules, men are often vying for time to exercise. An hour in the gym can easily be substituted by cycling, an easier way to build muscle and improve coordination. On top of that, you can look deceptively younger through this simple exercise. Cycling enhances production of collagen, leading to rejuvenated skin. It can set your sleep patterns as well. Insomniacs are usually advised to cycle for at least 30 to 40 minutes to regulate their sleep. Lack of sleep can meddle with brain activity and lower our concentration at work. Men’s bikes are not just limited to a specific demographic. Studies show men over 50 who cycle for an average of 3 to 4 hours weekly have a lower risk of impotency than those who don’t. In light of these multifaceted benefits, it is imperative that every man own a bike.

Bikes for men come in a variety of options. Sturdier than their counterparts, men’s bikes can be used to fulfill your need for adventure. Experience that adrenaline rush by hiking up to the mountains or going on long trails alone or among a group of friends. Apart from the obvious health benefits, cycling can be a wholesome activity for males to satiate their need for thrill. Choose a cruiser bike for a more casual ride or opt for a mountain bike for that ultimate experience. Men can even buy a hybrid bike as an all-purpose vehicle that can be used for everyday commuting. Consorting pleasure and fitness, cycling is the ideal activity that can be customized to the type of experience you are seeking.