Mixing Up My Workout Routine With My Women’s Bicycle

The women’s bicycle that I have been riding has been a great way to add some fun to my workout routine and to spice it up a bit. I enjoy riding the bike and I don’t feel like I have to do my grueling runs all the time when I can ride my bike a few days a week. I do some hard long-distance runs every week and now I can fit some bike-riding in-between.

It does get boring to just run outdoors for my workouts so I was looking for some ways to stay active without pushing myself to the limit all the time. Riding a bike is a great way for me to burn off some extra calories and stay in shape. I go bike-riding several times a week and it is nice for working my body in a different way than I do while running.

I have some good endurance while running but I didn’t have good endurance at all when bike-riding, which I found a little strange. Then I realized that you work your body in a whole different way when riding a bike. Now that I have a great women’s bicycle, I can have that added challenge for my body and ensure I’m not doing the same boring workout all the time.