How to Shop Teen Bikes for the Perfect Fit

If you are the parent of a teenager, you know how important their independence is to them. As your child grows into a young adult, they start to crave the freedom to make their own decisions and do what they want with their free time and their allowance. For many parents, the ability to give their child a car that they can rely on might be curtailed by their budget and ability to monitor their child’s activities. A car is a huge responsibility that can often be prohibitively expensive once factors like car payments, insurance payments and gas prices are all considered. If your teen doesn’t have access to your car but they still crave the opportunity to get around, you might find yourself doing a lot of chauffeuring or dealing with a resentful teenager. Buying your teen a bicycle is a great way to grant them independence without the price tag and stress of outfitting them with a car. What should you look for when you start examining teen bikes?

When you are shopping for a bike, one of the most important considerations is going to be size. It’s crucial to get a bike that is going to fit your teenager so that they are comfortable while riding; choosing a bike that is too small is going to make pedaling harder, while a bike that is too small may make it hard to control. When you are searching for the right size, consider whether or not your teen is still growing and if the bike is going to be able to grow with them or not. Next, talk with your teen about how they will want to use their bike. A mountain bike is going to be most suitable for rough terrain, while a street bike is going to be the fastest option on surface roads. A cruiser is a great option for teens that don’t want to go quickly but are concerned about comfort.

You should also consider the weight of your teen’s bike; a lighter bike is going to be easier to transport which is ideal for kids that need to fit their bike onto a rack on your car or take put their bike on public transportation with them. Letting your teen help you pick out their bike means that you can expect them to choose a design that they will be proud to show off to their friends. With careful consideration, you will be able to find a bike that will last them throughout high school!