How to Pick a Bicycle Designed for Women

Cycling is a great recreational activity that doubles as a fitness tool allowing people to stay fit. When it comes to choosing a bicycle, however, women have to be more careful with their purchase due to their different physical features compared to men. For starters, women need wider seats to accommodate their wider hips and other physiological differences. Most bikes on the market designed to fit men’s body and women will struggle with them because of the differences in their height, weight, torso length, and leg length. To counter this, most manufacturers started custom designing bikes to fit women’s bodies using a modified men’s frame. Here’s the general rule of thumb when choosing a bike: if it’s comfortable now, it’s a red flag the discomfort won’t go away with extended use. Most bikes have wide handlebars that go up to 40 cm, which is too high a range for women.

Instead, you should look for handlebars that measure between 36 to 38 cm to for comfort and stability. The smaller your frame and shoulders, the lower should be the span of the handlebars. Another aspect to consider is your reach. The reach is the distance between the handlebars and the saddle. It depends on the length of your arms and your height. In ideal cases, you should be able to reach the handlebars without stretching or slouching. You can tell that it’s an ideal reach if your elbows are only slightly bent. Most women complain that the bicycle’s gears are too big for their hands. This makes it difficult to engage all gears and activating the brakes without overexerting yourself. Least to say, this is very dangerous at high speeds and sharp turns.

Some women have a better experience with unisex bikes while others prefer specific models designed for women. The choice ultimately comes down to your preferences since there will be slight differences in the way manufacturers size up their bikes. Make sure to find a product that fits well for your body type, whatever manufacturer you go for. A good choice is the Women’s Single Speed Cruiser Bicycle with its curvy, classic design and durable steel frame. The bike is ideal for comfortable, casual riding around the neighborhood. It features an upright riding style that keeps your shoulders and back relaxed thanks to its wide cruiser handlebar and dual spring saddle. Visit our website at to learn more about Women’s Single Speed Cruiser Bicycle and if it is the right model for you.