How Riding Women’s Beach Cruiser Bikes Can Benefit on Health

The 2017 real inactivity news from the British Heart Foundation reports that the government urges all adults to practice an average physical activity for 150 minutes weekly. The report further proceeds to say that women are 36 percent physically inactive as compared to their male counterparts. The public health England statistics indicate that 26.8 percent of adult females were obese in 2015.

Regular cycling would be ideal for those women to rebuild their physical activeness back to their lives. By so doing, this will improve their overall fitness and health. In the Netherlands, it is suggested that the number of women cycling exceeds that of men. This indicates that cycling is a practice that women can perform effectively if conditions allow. Women who are affiliated to outdoor trips can opt to use women’s beach cruiser bikes to ride to the places they love. This will ultimately enhance their health and fitness.

Besides the improvement of their fitness, cycling will also reduce the rapid increase of diabetes, heart diseases and cancer in women. Furthermore, women are prone to the risk of arthritis: genetic predisposition, hormones, biology, and obesity is no exception. Cycling is suggested to reduce the rapid increase of osteoarthritis in women by assisting in weight reduction.