Features of the Army Green Bike

Channel your patriotism with this eye catching Army Green bike. Ideal for those with a passion for the military, this bike is not only attractive to look at – it is a top-performing piece of equipment in the market as well. If you are looking to purchase a new, multipurpose bike within a budget of $700, this is the right choice for you. The green color adds much visual appeal to the bike compared to regular ones and simultaneously pays homage to the army. Out of the box and unique, purchase this bike if you wish to stand out from the crowd. With a simple design in a striking color with minimal branding, own the streets on this bike, and make head’s turn wherever you go! Simple but sophisticated, you cannot go wrong with this bike.

The great thing about this Army green bicycle is that it not only looks visually appealing but performs just as well. The agile aluminum frame with USA carbon fork allows the bike to relay a streamlined experience to the rider. With great performance reviews, this is a popular bike in the market. The bike is built with extra care to ensure the riding experience is smooth and effortless. Sturdy yet lightweight, the balance and nuances of the bike are tweaked to near perfection. Weighing just 17 Ibs, the bike is easy to ride and maneuver on most surfaces. The premium aerodynamic race saddle ensures good quality seating for a truly comfortable experience. All in all, the bike is easy to ride as well as easy to maintain. With such specs, it is no wonder that the bike is a must have.

The army green bike boasts of premium quality components. Apart from its distinctive green color, you can even customize your bike by choosing your own handlebars and wheel set. The bike comes in an option of 6 sizes to adjust to any frame, also able to fit a rider with a height of 6’6. This bike is equipped to match any adventures you may have planned when you set out. A robust bike packaged in an exquisite exterior, is no surprise why the army green bike is trending these days. The army green bike promises a complete experience to riders. Built to navigate the roads and discover your sense of purpose, this bike awaits anyone who is interested in investing in a wholesome bike.