Essential bicycles accessories

It is exciting to buy a new bike, but even more exciting to enjoy a ride with all the lovely bicycle accessories. There are quite a lot of accessories everywhere, but what are the essentials? A knowledge of what you really need will save you time, and money.

First, you will need a helmet. The ideal helmet is a good fit, lightweight and comfortable, with venting to else breathability. The more safety details the helmet has, the better. Next, you need a bicycle lock. After spending that much money on your bicycle, the last thing you need is bicycle theft. A good bicycle lock is what you need to stay protected. The best lock is one that is difficult to unlock. U and D locks are popular because they give thieves less leverage. You can consider combining them with a cable lock, threaded through the wheels.

After locks, the next bicycle accessories to consider is lights. Between dawn and dusk, you need light to ride. Thus, you will need a white light in front and red light at the rear. You also need pedal shoes. Most bicycles do not come with pedal shoes, so you will need to get shoes.