Difference Between Women’s and Men’s bicycle

In the past, the difference between a men and women’s bicycle would be that the ones for women would be smaller and ‘prettier,’ and would have admittedly poorer specs than those for men. Thankfully, those days are now behind us, and besides the nuances in aesthetics, there are many options for women’s bicycles available now that have the same quality specs and features that men’s bikes do, with great performance. At the core, the biggest difference between men and women’s bicycles is the fit – there is a lot of data required to build a frame of the right fit for different people. For example, women are generally shorter than men and have shorter torso lengths, which means that the bikes made for women must keep these differences in mind to let women ride their bicycles more easily.

However, there are plenty of men’s bikes that are suited for women as well. This is because most men’s bikes are also unisex. However, you can’t decide on fit within the store itself because it takes a few weeks of riding the bicycle to be able to asses whether or not it is really your fit or not. Therefore, any bicycle can be a women’s bicycle if it fits her. There are also some bikes with downward sloping top tubes, which is inspired by the days when women riders wore longer skirts. The casual bikes nowadays have this design for aesthetic purposes and not for amplified performance. Many bike designers today are also experimenting with curved elements in other pieces as well, aside from the top tube.

Other aspects of women’s bikes that affect their fit are the stem, which helps fine tune the bike’s frame for people of different sizes. Stem styles can change the height of the handlebar, depending on what’s more comfortable. There are also differences in seats to make the paddling more comfortable, handlebars (due to the differences in shoulder width), and suspension, which depends on weight. Lighter riders will need suspension that is tuned to their lesser weight. Brake levers are also another factor since these depend on the size of the hand, but many bikes have adjustment screws to change the lever reach and make it more comfortable.