Buyer’s Guide to Women’s Saddles on Women’s Bicycle

Quite several brands specialized in bicycle saddles design saddles of various measurements as determined by your sit bones. This way, you do not doubt finding a seat that best fits you. Several retailers take the responsibility of making your body measurements for either of these. Also, the designers of saddles put in mind the various riding positions you take in mountain biking, commuter riding and road cycling.

Women’s bicycle will usually come fixed with a female saddle. We can’t put a lot of emphasis on the fact that the choice of the seat is a much personal thing; hence you may still be free to delve into the products to find easy stuff. The position of the saddle determines the level of performance and comfort. A flat positioned seat is comfortable for many riders. However, some need the saddle to tilt downwards almost three degrees to avoid rubbing on the delicate parts.

For regular cyclists, finding the best fit of the saddle means trying out multiple saddle options. Some brands provide demo saddles for you to try out and determine if you are comfortable. With so many online reviews and recommendations from buddies, remember that what worked perfectly for them may not be ideal for your cycling experience.