Benefits of pink women’s bicycle

As men and women differ in their body structure, so does the type of bicycle they ride differ. We sell different types of bicycles perfect for women, but today let’s focus on pink women’s bicycle. Whether your wife or daughter wants to ride a bike by the beach or around the neighborhood, we have the right bike for you. Choose from our single speed or seven-speed bicycles for your next ride. Furthermore, we boast of a beautiful selection of women’s bicycles – purple, pink and red.

Nevertheless, our pink women’s bicycle has gained so much popularity because of how beautiful it looks and the comfort it brings. Additionally, since the body of man is structurally different from that of a woman, women’s bicycle saddles are different. The saddles are wider, shorter and more comfortable to ride on compared to the saddle on men’s bicycle. Pink women’s bicycle seat reflects their generally wider hips since their pelvic bones are wider apart than that of men.

Admittedly, seats of women’s bicycle have to be different in order to offer enough comfort. Narrow saddles cause too much pressure on women and affect blood flow to the genitals. So, go for women’s bicycles with sensitive seats to avoid injury to your bones and pelvic regions.