Benefits of Cruiser Bicycles for Women

Statistics show there is a far lower number of women who cycle compared to men in the United States. With a myriad of cruiser bicycles available to women, it is a wonder why the female population does not fully take advantage of this healthy mode of transport. Cycling is highly recommended as it helps you lose weight and keeps muscles engaged, contributing to your overall health. The perfect amalgamation of fun and fitness, cycling helps you to interact with nature since a great majority of women spend their day cooped up inside homes and offices. Adding to that, cycling is a social activity, allowing you to get some exercise in while you enjoy some great company, and of course, the outdoors. Women can join cycling clubs and take out their cruiser bikes for a ride every day.

Women who want to catch some fresh air while indulging in low-impact exercise find cruiser bikes ideal. With cruiser bikes, the arduous nature of cycling is toned down a notch, rendering it the ideal activity for women. Built for comfort rather than speed, these bikes are often ‘single-speed’, without any complex system requiring you to constantly change gears. Women’s single speed cruiser bicycles just demand you to hop right on and begin a comfortable journey alone or with a group of friends. Cruiser bikes usually comprise of comfortably large seats, a basic design, and coaster brakes. For the ease of women, these bikes also have simple mechanisms. Perfect for casual rides, women can enjoy leisurely trips to the beach or park, all the while exercising for a healthy heart and mind. Cruiser bikes are easy to manage so women do not have to worry about assembling and handling them.

Exercise on cruiser bikes brings with it a number of physical and mental health benefits for women. Not only is it a fun activity, the act of cycling also strengthens your heart. With every stride, the heart pumps more blood and oxygen to the muscles. This eventually leads to significantly improved cardio health, hampering high blood pressure, which is often the precursor to heart disease. Even a causal ride can positively affect your mood. Exercise on cruiser bikes will release feel-good hormones without stressing you out too much. Cycling is also touted the perfect recipe for weight loss. Shed those pounds without the risk of over exertion. Women’s single speed cruiser bicycles will ensure you stay fit without wielding too much pressure on your joints. With a smarter body, you are bound to feel confident and self-assured.