Adventure Was Everywhere In The Middle Of Nowhere With Children’s Bicycles

My childhood was very adventurous and I am so thankful for that. I moved to what seemed like the middle of nowhere, but adventure was all around me and I loved to explore with friends and family. Just because we didn’t live in a big city didn’t mean that we couldn’t enjoy being outdoors all day. We would explore the neighborhood and the small city where we lived every single day on our bikes.

Our bikes made us not even think about the day when we would be able to drive, since we were able to bike across the city if we wanted to. We would enjoy biking to the outdoor pool that was across town, biking to the disc golf course and enjoying some disc golf, even biking to the nearby movie theater and seeing a movie.

Children’s bicycles were a great way to find adventure. Sometimes, we would come across a pretty cornfield and we would admire the view and the way that the field extended for what seemed like forever. My brother and I would ride all day long until our mom called us into the house to have some dinner. Riding bikes when I was little allowed me to make memories that will last a lifetime.