A Classic Women’s Bicycle Was With Me Through My Whole Childhood

I had the same bike growing up and it was a women’s bicycle that I started riding when I was in middle school and kept riding even through college. The bike was with me for many, many years and it stood the test of time and was reliable all those years. It was a little bit big for me when I started riding it but I quickly grew into it.

The bike was a bike that was versatile for all kinds of terrain and it ended up being an awesome bike for riding around town and even on dirt paths through the forest. I have so many amazing memories with that bike and I still look back on all of the fun times that I had on it growing up. I did everything from city riding to riding on some ramps that we made.

My women’s bicycle was a purple bike and it was an awesome way for me to get around the neighborhood and around town. I used to take the bike when my brother and I would ride across town to go to the pool or to go to our favorite disc golf course and ice rink. The bike was great, especially when we still weren’t old enough to drive a car.